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What We Do


We help your company to focus and define your innovative project, to find public funding for developing it, and to manage it, diminishing the intrinsic risk of new developments.

In Innovarum we are specialists in Horizon 2020. We have proven experience in:

  • Project writing and submission
  • Administrative procedures
  • Consortium building
  • Project coordination
  • Technical and fiancial reporting
  • Communication with the Project Officer
  • Project dissemination and communication

We maximise the grant you receive with an effective project management.

Europe has recognized in the current period 2014-2020 the importance of “the farm to fork” chain and the need to innovate towards a more competitive and sustainable European agri-food sector. We are committed to developing strategically interesting projects for the agri-food sector and the European industry, that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable European agriculture and food production.


HORIZON 2020 is the current European framework programme for Reserch and Innovation…


There are other funding programmes of interest for the agri-food sector…


We have experience as well in other iniciatives, all of them related with R&D and innovation…