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The BBI JU Info Day of 2020 was originally going to take place in Brussels. However, due to the COVID19 outbreak, organisers had to make a change in the schedule and make the whole event virtual. 

Online presentations and interaction with the audience

BBIJU InfoDay 2020

The event was structured in two parts:

  1. A series of presentations from 9:30 to 12:30
  2. A Partnering event between the interested attending parties from 13:00 to 18:00 of the 22 of April and from 9:30 to 18:00 of the 23 of April. The partnering event was organised as one to one meetings. It was possible to do the meeting using the platform offered by the BBI JU, or to use alternative platforms like Zoom or Skype.

The presentations were supported by a second online platform that allowed attendants to make questions, interact and engage with the event through dynamic activities. To watch the whole event, click on the video below:

BBI JU Info Day: positive outcomes

Innovarum attended the presentations and the partnering event that took part shortly after. The event was originally not going to be virtual, however, it is possible to say that it was quite successful:

  • All relevant information on the BBI JU Call 2020 was delivered.
  • Attendees had the chance to ask questions and doubts.
  • Social Media response was very active.
  • New communication tools were tested.
  • The economic cost of the event was significantly reduced.
  • Environmentally, hundreds of CO2 emissions were saved thanks to the lack of flights.
  • All attendants and organisers saved time and resources: everybody was able to take part in the event from their homes or local Offices.

After the success of this virtual event, will more BBI JU events be directly organised as online events? There will be occasions in which meeting up in person will still of course be necessary, however, we are clearly in front a new window of virtual possibilities for the future.

Interested in taking part of the one to one meetings? It is still possible to register for the last day of the virtual Partnering Event of the BBI JU Info Day 2020 (12 May 2020) at the BBI JU Partnering Platform.

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