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The eworkshop on Upcycled proteins

The 28 of May of 2020 took place “The #eWorkshop on Upcycled Proteins“, an online interactive event that gathered EU Projects and field experts organised by Innovarum. The following projects and organisations were represented:

The eWorkshop in numbers

In total, 202 people registered in advance for the event. On the day of the eworkshop, the event counted with a total of 7 panellists, 4 people from Innovarum and 121 attendees connected to the webinar. At the time of maximum concurrence 102 attendees were watching.

Geographical location

  • Panellist came from various countries across Europe: The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Germany.
  • Attendees came from different international locations: 29% of the attendees came from Spain, 19% from Denmark and 5 % from Tunisia. After those countries the distribution goes as follows: Germany, India, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Greece, Chile, Hungary, Serbia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Finland, United States of America, Ireland, South Africa, Indonesia, North Macedonia, Latvia, Norway and Israel.

Average time on the webinar

The webinar lasted in total 135 minutes, attendees were connected on average 62 minutes.

  • 70% of all attendees entered at the beginning of the webinar.
  • 65% of attendees stayed until the third Part of the presentation, and around 37% stayed until the end.

Engagement with the audience

The audience response to the interactive questions was positive, approximately, 50 people were actively responding per question (30-50% of the audience, depending on the moment).The video below is a short cut of the eWorkshop in which the audience answered whether they would consume products containing insect protein or not.

Watch the eWorkshop and download the presentations

If you were interested in the webinar but could not attend, do not worry! The videos of the presetnations are available at the page of the eWorkshop: The eWorkshop on Upcycled Proteins.

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