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In 2011 the EU Heads of State and Government called on the European Commission to bring together all of the previous EU’s research and innovation funding under a single common strategic framework. The Commission launched a wide-ranging consultation involving all key stakeholders which has led to Horizon 2020.

Since 2014, plenty of Spanish SMEs, companies and research centres have applied for funding under Horizon 2020. More specifically, there have been 64,877 applications, out of which 38,913 were eligible. This means a success rate of 14%, a little bit over the EU’s average, 13.6%.

Spain has signed 4,772 grant agreements, that is 24,35% of all H2020 grants and participates in 9,475 other projects. The total EU contribution to Spain is over 3.03 billion €. These resources have been mainly for private companies (38.8%), followed by research organisations (34.7%) and high or secondary education centres (21.5%).

If we classify these participations according to the type of action, we can see that Spanish companies mostly have projects under Research and Innovation actions (1,436 projects with a budget of 1.15 billion €) and Innovation actions (670 projects with an EU contribution of 730.4 million €). The SME Instrument  is also quite relevant in Spain, for it has funded 573 Phase I projects, for which the EU contributed 28.30 million €, and 188 Phase II projects, with a contribution of 253.75 million €. Other popular calls include LIFE projects, which amount to 123 projects and 127.35 million € in funding; Fast Track To Innovation , with 22 projects and an EU budget of 29.07 million €; and Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking, under which 13 projects have been funded with a contribution of 35.26 million €.

In Innovarum, we are experts in industrial innovation and in Horizon 2020 funding programmes. We help your company to focus and define your innovative project, to find public funding for developing it, and to manage it.


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