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We have attended to the event  #RethinkingAgriculture, a business oriented meeting organised by the Embassy of The Netherlands in Spain that has been held in the Garrigues Auditorium in Madrid.

It has been a highly interesting event addressed to foster the dialogue between The Netherlands and Spain through its start-ups that work one way or another in the agri-food sector.

The event has been conducted by the serial entrepreneur Helena Díez-Fuentes and three colloquiums have taken place. They have addressed how technology is revolutionising the agri-food sector, the Dutch talent in innovation, and the next trends that will enable society to face and tackle the forthcoming challenges in our sector. These colloquiums have had participation of Spanish start-ups (Cropti , Bioflytech and Bioinicia), Dutch start-ups (Mestic, Zilt Proefbredijf Texel and Duplaco), and large corporations how are promoting entrepreneurship in several ways (Trow Nutrition de Nutreco, Calidad Pascual, Heineken and Telefónica).

Matthijs van Bonzel, the Ambassador of Holland in Spain has been present in the event, as well as other important personalities such as Sebastiaan van Lunteren, representing the Dutch Ministry of Economy, or Pablo Zalba, the President of ICO, the Spanish National Entity for Credit.

In Innovarum we have attended with special interest, since our education and know-how has been formed in both countries, in Wageningen University (NL) and Polytechnic University of Madrid (ES), and we firmly believe that there are great areas of collaboration in both countries, and that these synergies are particularly in the agri-food sector.

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