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During the 6th and 7th of December 2017 the “BBI-JU Stakeholder Forum 2017” took place, the first forum convened by the Private-Public Partnership that was launched in 2014.

The main objective has been to bring together the most relevant entities related to the bioeconomy in Europe to reflect on how to better mobilize European society to accelerate the transformation towards an economy based on natural resources.

Throughout the two days talks have been organized at the highest level, with speakers such as Dirk Carrez – Executive Director of the BIC– Jürgen Lucas – European Commissioner of DG RTD -, among other speakers, in which the present and future of the transition to the bioeconomy in Europe have been commented.

In the forum we have met with politicians from the European Commission, assistants from the academic world, and representatives of the industry mainly, as well as spokespersons for regional and national interests.

In Innovarum we have attended as a representative of the GreenProtein project, in which we participate as technical office, coordinating the administrative tasks, and as responsible for the dissemination and communication of the project.

It has been a unique opportunity to see a large part of the agents responsible for the innovation that is taking place in the European Union around the bioeconomy.

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