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In Innovarum we have had the pleasure of sponsoring the Technical Workshop hosted by Ainia  one of the largest European technology centres with over 30 years of experience, that took place on June 14th in Paterna (Valencia, Spain).

The aim of the International Technical Workshop on Biorefinery of organic agri-food and urban waste was to share with the attendees the current panorama of organic waste biorefineries and to transfer the technological alternatives to convert this waste into new raw materials for the generation of value-added products.

The event, which was a resounding success, brought together more than 80 industry representatives. Participants were able to attend 7 different expert presentations in each of the subjects related to biorefineries, such as urban solid waste, lignocellulosic waste, livestock residues and waste from the agri-food industry.

In addition, the Workshop held a space in which companies and projects could expose their progress and innovations, space where attendees could network with relevant stakeholders and interact with other projects.


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