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Three criteria are considered to evaluate project proposals in Horizon 2020: “impact”, “excellence” and “quality and efficiency of the implementation”. Four independent experts evaluate them with scores from 1 to 5, getting each proposal a maximun total score, the so-called “Evaluation summary report score”of 15.

The median scores of all three criteria are then added up to get the overall score of a proposal.  The threshold score is: 13 for Phase 1 and 12 for Phase 2.

Total scores above or below the threshold determine if proposals are candidates for funding or not.

The proposals above threshold are then ranked. The ranking is established based on the ‘normalised score’, which is calculated: the score for “impact” multiplied by 1.5, added to the score for “excellence”, added to the score for “implementation”.

The best scores are then selected for funding according to the available budget.

In the case two proposals have the same normalised score, they will be ranked based on the higher score of impact. If they also have the same score of impact , the selection will be based on the excellence score. If they are still similar, the score for implementation  is finally taken into consideration.


For further information, please check this link: https://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/news/evaluating-innovation-potential-how-are-sme-instrument-proposals-scored.