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Following up to the success of the first period of SME Instrument programme, the EASME (Executive Agency for SME’s which manage SME Instrument, among other funding programmes) has recently released a report titled “Accelerating Innovation in Europe”. The 2017 Edition gathers all the insights collected after more than 31,000 applications received and 2,000 SME’s founded, within the period 2014-2016: it includes numerous statistics about testing activities, prototypes, revenue models or beneficiaries’ countries and sectors.

For example, Spanish and Italian SME’s accounted for one third of applicants and funded companies and the most targeted EU28 markets resulted Germany, UK and France.

The report also evidences that projects awarded in Phase I performed better when applying for Phase II: 67% scored above the threshold and their success rate was 8%. For projects applying direct to Phase 2, these figures dropped to 3.7% and 3.5%.

The report is fully available in the EASME website.

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