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On October 16th to 18th, the fifth edition of FIMART – Fair for Smart Rural Innovation, a must-attend event where the rural and agri-food sector meet to learn about the most avant-garde technological solutions related to these sectors, took place in Córdoba, Spain.

FIMART 2018 was celebrated in collaboration with the 4th National Congress of Agricultural Engineers, which brought together more than 700 Spanish and international agronomy professionals.

This edition of FIMART had two goals: to develop one of the largest specialized events in agri-food innovation aimed at professionals, companies and public institutions that contributes to the promotion of innovation in the rural world, forestry and in the companies of the agro-food value chain, and to offer a cooperation forum for the identification and implementation of innovative projects and the commercialization of products and services in advanced software, IoT, Bigdata, and its application to business intelligence, blockchain, artificial intelligence , unmanned flights, robotization, energy efficiency…

As part of the innovation in the agri-food community, Innovarum couldn’t miss this event. We were proud to attend FIMART and have our own booth in which we could interact with other businesses and receive visitors from potential clients and collaborators.

Innovarum was also proud to display two posters from our two BBI-JU projects which are currently ongoing, and in which we are the consortium partners carrying out the Dissemination and Communication.

These two projects are: GreenProtein, “Revalorisation of vegetable processing industry remnants into high-value functional proteins and other food ingredients” aims to reduce food waste by turning it into vegetable protein and other valuable food ingredients and Pro-Enrich, “Development of novel functional proteins and bioactive ingredients from rapeseed, olive, tomato and citrus fruit side streams for applications in food, cosmetics, pet food and adhesives” develops a flexible biorefinery approach to process food waste and produce new proteins and phenolic products.


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