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The eworkshop on Upcycled proteins

COVID19 has affected the schedule for events in 2020 in Europe. Mainly, three things have happened:

  1. An event scheduled for the first semester of 2020 has been postponed to the second semester of 2020 (usually to October/November/December 2020).
  2. A 2020 event has been completely cancelled. The event will come back in the next session (2021).
  3. A 2020 offline event has become virtual (like the BBIJU online Info Day 2020).

Here we are going to review the situation of some of the most relevant events in the bioeconomy and the agri-food sector.


We have grouped the events by month. Some dates are still being updated, please check the links to make sure you have the right information! 


  • ICSD 2020, 8th International Conference on Sustainable Development (online). Event organised by the European Center of Sustainable Development & CIT University with the goal of “Creating a unified foundation for the Sustainable Development: research, practice and education”. Link.
  • Food Future Event 2020 online. Event on marketing food of the future. Link 
  • Circular Materials Conference in Gothenborg, Sweden. Event on waste management, secondary raw materials, innovation and investments”. Link
  • European Research and Innovation Days in Brussels. Event organised by the UE. Link 
  • Smart AgriFood Summit in Málaga, Spain. Leader event for agricultural digital transformation in Spain organised by FYCMA.. Link.
  • European Researchers’ Night. Event carried out in various locations, organised by the EU. Link.
  • AQUACULTURE EUROPE 2020 in Cork, Ireland. Event on aquaculture and green economy. Link.
  • 9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns in Mannheim, Germany. Event on production, consumption, waste management, secondary raw materials, innovation, and investments in the urban development sector. Link.
  • Greencities 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. Title in Spanish: Foro de Inteligencia y Sostenibilidad Urbana. Link. 


  • FoodValley Summit in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Event on food Innovation: proteins, circular economy, food & health, smart and digital technology. Link.
  • IFIBInternational Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy in Rome, Italy. Event about industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy. Link.
  • Agrifood Innovation EventDigital Farming in Venlo, The Netherlands. Event on smart Farming and Digital Farming. Link.
  • Bridge2Food16th Plant-Based Foods & Protein Ingredients Summit Europe 2020 in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Event on plant-based foods, plant-protein purchasing, new protein ingredients and new protein processing technologies. Link.
  • EU Green Week 2020 in Brussels, organised by the EU Commission. The main topic of this event is the environment, nature and biodiversity. Link.


  • Smart City Expo World Congres in Barcelona, Spain. Global event on cities and urban innovation (expo, congress and side events) Link.
  • ECOMONDO in Rimini, Italy. Leading event in Europe for the new models of circular economy. Link.
  • Free From Functional Food Expo 2020 in Amsterdam. Event on free from, vegan, organic and functional food. Link.
  • Agrifood Innovation Event – Food Innovation in Venlo, The Netherlands. It is divided into a Healthy Nutrition Conference and 3D food printing Conference. Link.


  • Food Ingredients (Ni) in Frankfurt, Germany. Event on innovation for the F&B industry. Link.
  • SIMA. Trade Show for Farming Innovation in Paris, France. Link.

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