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Do you know the funding program Eurostars? This funding programme supports the development of new products and services carried out by a consortium of at least two entities – independent of one another – from two or more different Eureka countries (check the Eureka countries in the image above).

The project leader has to be a R&D-performing SME, the other members can be another SME, a large company, a university, a technology centre or any other legal entity. The consortium can also include a member from a non-Eureka country, as long as there are already two Eureka members included.

Projects can last up to 36 months and may be ready for the market launch 2 years after the project’s completion. To be eligible, the project can address any technology area, but must have a civilian purpose. On average, the costs of the projects funded to the date is 1.5 M€ and the success rate is 30%.

The funding procedure is decentralised. As such, the participants receive the funding from their respective national funding body, according to their own funding rules and procedures (required national documentation, eligible costs, funding rate per partner, etc. may vary from one country to another).

Next deadlines are on 14th September 2017 and on 1st March 2018. Are you willing to apply or do you want more information? Contact us!

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