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Maya Hernando and Irene Paredes, co-founders of Innovarum, were invited as expert participants to the EIT-Food Problem Solving Sessions Workshop held the 12th and 13th of September of 2019 at the startup Accelerator Programme in Bilbao, Spain. The goal of the workshop was to mentor and offer advice to a total of 10 selected innovative SMEs to help them solve the biggest challenges that they are facing.

What is the EIT Food?

“EIT Food is a European Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), which was set up to transform our food ecosystem by making it more trusted, better for people’s health and more sustainable.” EIT-Food Webpage.


EIT Food is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union.

What is the startup Accelerator Programme in Bilbao?


The startup Accelerator Programme in Bilbao is part of the EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT-FAN), “a multi-location accelerator programme delivered across Europe, to support high impact food-space startups to maximise their success.” EIT-FAN Webpage.


10 SMEs selected for the EIT-Food Startup Accelerator Programme in Bilbao

The EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT-FAN) Programme received a total of 321 candidatures in 2019 divided between the 5 start-up Accelerator Programmes established in Munich (Germany), Cambridge (United Kingdom), Lausanne (Switzerland), Haifa (Israel) and Bilbao (Spain).

At the beginning of July, 10 candidates were selected for the Programme in Bilbao. These 10 candidates are the ones Maya Hernando and Irene Paredes had the opportunity to mentor during the startup Accelerator Programme in Bilbao:

  1. HOLA (Spain): “Designs kitchenware for daily use that seeks to improve the quality of food and nutrition.
  2. NOVAMEAT(Spain): “Leading European companies for producing meat alternatives, using 3D printing, vegetable proteins and tissue engineering.”
  3. Aquaponics Iberia(Portugal): “Organization with experience in research, installation and maintenance of marine and freshwater aquaculture systems for food and ornamental production.”
  4. BioBee Technologies(Spain): “Knowledge-based company specialized in the design of miniaturized solutions for biological mediums characterization.”
  5. Nucaps Nanotechnology(Spain). “Company that uses encapsulation technology for the industrial development of Nanocapsules and Biocapsules for bioactives and probiotics.”
  6. Ecobloom(Sweden): “Ecobloom produces smart miniature greenhouse and self-sustaining aquariums.”
  7. Brite Drinks(United Kingdom): “Brand that produces new natural nutritionally valuable drinks that can enhance mental performance and focus
  8. SmartFarming (Netherlands). “European Network mainstreaming Smart Farming Technologies among the European farmer community and bridging the gap between practitioners and researchers on the identification and delivery of new Smart Farming solutions to fit the farmers’ needs.”
  9. Trigger Systems(Portugal): “Trigger Systems has designed a platform that allows controlling various systems by weather, triggers and intelligent models with wide applications in the agricultural industry”
  10. RAWCKERS(Romania): “Start-up that manufactures dairy products alternatives while maintaining the taste of products such as cheese.”


Innovarum´s experience

It has been great to be summoned as an expert to help out the startups incubated by the EIT-Food in Bilbao in their EIT-FAN programme. The Problem-Solving Sessions with these innovative entrepreneurs have been enlightening!”

Irene Paredes

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Innovarum

The EIT-Food Problem Solving Seasons Workshop was a great experience. It is indeed an opportunity to learn about these successful projects alongside other field experts.

Maya Hernando

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Innovarum

20 Experts invited 

Maya Hernando and Irene Paredes were part of a group of 20 experts invited to the EIT-Food Workshop. The group of expert participants counted with professionals with broad experience in diverse areas: business modelling, fundraising, scale-up, operations, sales and marketing, internationalization, innovation, intellectual property, strategy, product development…

As an example, in Innovarum we are experts in industrial innovation, business model optimization, scale-up and technology development.


More about the Programme: EIT-Food Accelerator Network

In case you wish to know more, Innovarum’s blog counts with an entry that describes more specifically the structure, goals and the timeline of this programme for 2019, to read it click here: EIT FAN 2019


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