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Last June 12th, applicants submitted over 1,000 concept notes for traditional LIFE projects under the Environment sub-programme. This year is the first one in which the evaluation of LIFE project proposals addressed to the Environment sub-programme is done under a two-stage evaluation.

Around 54% of the concept notes are for Environment & Resource Efficiency projects, 30% for Nature & Biodiversity and the remaining 16% for the Environmental Governance & Information (GIE) strand.

The candidate projects are looking to spend more than 3.3 billion € in total on actions to improve our environment and benefit nature. This includes project costs of €1.7 billion for Environment & Resource Efficiency projects, €1.3 billion for Nature & Biodiversity and more than 350 million € for Environmental Governance & Information. Applicants have requested around 1.8 billion € in support from the EU, which is more than eight times the total budget of 217 million € that LIFE has made available to the successful projects, so only the best ideas will go through.

Concept notes will now be evaluated and applicants notified of the results by October. The most promising will be shortlisted and applicants to the Environment sub-programme will be invited to submit a full proposal by the end of January 2019. Evaluation of the full proposals will take place from then until June of next year, with projects starting from July 2019 onwards.

Applicants to the LIFE sub-programme for Climate Action must submit their full proposals by 12 September 2018 – there is no pre-selection through concept notes in this instance.


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