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What we do

In INNOVARUM, we are experts in industrial innovation.

We help your company to focus and define your innovative project, drive its technological development, and to manage it.


Horizon 2020 -the current European framework programme-  EIC Accelerator, BBI JU, LIFE, EMFF…


Communication development and implementation of  dissemination strategies in European Projects.


We have experience as well in other iniciatives, all of them related with R&D and innovation…

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The #eWorkshop on Upcycled Proteins – Download now the presentations!

An online interactive event that gathers relevant EU projects and market and legislation experts to present experiences, insights and best practices on Upcycled Proteins.

"The Innovarum team support to deliver a clear proposal was excellent. The team worked hard to meet the stringent deadline and was able to process complex raw information, build on it and convert it into a well written concept. Their expertise with both the EU project dynamics and agronomy was obvious throughout the process and was critical to clearly define the targets, steps and generate confidence in the process."

Nazario Muñoz  FoodExperts, ES

"The INNOVARUM team has a strong technical background in food, technology, environment and sustainability: international experience and good understanding of business aspects being a SME themselves. Their excellent skills in writing good readable text with clear layout and graphics was key to make the complex subject into a good proposal within the restricted number of pages."

Paulus Kosters  GreenProtein, NL

"The Innovarum team delivers always an excellent work."

José Mª Jiménez  WECO.ES

"Innovarum provided to us an excellent service."

Elena Cros  CubiPlaya

"Give Innovarum the chance to show their abilities and you will become convinced."


"Innovarum is being a key factor for our internationalization process. We highlight their professionalism and high technical knowledge of the agro and food sectors. A highly recommendable partner."

"With the help of the Innovarum team, its experience and know-how, we have achieved our funding goals in some of the most competitive European summits. We really recommend them."

Pedro Núñez  ESKESSO, ES

Innovarum at the “Circular Coffee” event organised by CETENMA

The 14th of September of 2020, Maya Hernando, Co-funder of Innovarum, was invited to the "Circular Coffee" event that CETENMA organises periodically as part of a Circular Economy...

Spanish participation in H2020, preliminary results

CDTI (The Spanish Public Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology and H2020 National Contact Point) has published this summer the preliminary results of the Spanish...

Events in the bioeconomy after #COVID19

COVID19 has affected the schedule for events in 2020 in Europe. Mainly, three things have happened: An event scheduled for the first semester of 2020 has been postponed to the...

BIOFRUITNET-Online questionnaire adressed to technical advisors and fruit growers

Innovarum is one of the partners of the BIOFRUITNET H2020 project. "The project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of European organic fruit production by collecting and...

The #eWorkshop on Upcycled Proteins overview

The 28 of May of 2020 took place "The #eWorkshop on Upcycled Proteins", an online interactive event that gathered EU Projects and field experts organised by Innovarum. The...

The online BBIJU Info Day 2020

The BBI JU Info Day of 2020 was originally going to take place in Brussels. However, due to the COVID19 outbreak, organisers had to make a change in the schedule and make the...

Communication tips for projects in the bioeconomy

Communicating a project in the bioeconomy has its own challenges. Last week, Innovarum attended the first of a series of 4 webinars structured around the general topic of...

The new EU Circular Economy Action Plan

"There is only one planet Earth, yet by 2050, the world will be consuming as if there were three"That is the beginning of the introductory chapter of the new Circular Economy...

10 trends for the future of the agricultural sector

Recently, the EU Commission made public a new report on the medium-term outlook for major EU agricultural markets to 2030. It includes: analysis of uncertainties, trends and...

Study on the participation of the agricultural sector in the BBI JU

Between March and August of 2019, Innvoarum carried out the "Study on the participation of the agricultural sector in the BBI JU: business models, challenges and recommendations...